With spring just around the corner, we hope you’re excited as we are for the lighter evenings, the smell of blossom and the happy buzzing bees! More importantly, you might even have a. spring race to look forward to, and can’t wait for the chill and darkness of winter to subside and make way for that glorious sunshine on your training runs!

Whilst a lot of us like to declare that we’re happy running in any conditions (we are hardcore trail runners after all), it’s likely that deep, deep down we all let out a little sigh when we gaze out the window and see Mother Nature throwing a wild, windy rave. And despite the classic British weather keeping us on our toes throughout the year, there’s no denying that spring is the rainy season, and we’re going to get soggy. 

Fear not, though! We’re here to give you our best advice on staying dry and comfy in the wetter months, whilst also giving you a few good reasons to EMBRACE the rain!

1. If you don’t already have a good waterproof jacket, get one! Look for jackets with fully taped seams, and a high HH (hydrostatic heads). Most waterproof jackets will be between 10,000 to 30,000 HH, so if you’re looking to be out in a downpour for hours, equip yourself with a 30,000 HH. If you’ll only be venturing out in lighter rain or for shorter runs, then 10,000 HH will do the job. Make sure the fabric is verified as ‘waterproof’, rather than just windproof or shower-proof. Check out for a good range of options!

2. Try and avoid going out in bad weather if you feel under the weather (pun intended). Rain, wind and cold are an army against your immune system if you’re already feeling a little icky, so don’t feel bad about pushing your run back a few hours to let the rain clear, or a few days to give your body some recovery time before bracing any harsh conditions.

3. Check the forecast before a long run. If you’re heading out on a longer stint and carrying a pack, stick your waterproof in there just in case. It might appear sunny and dry when you step out the door, but be sure to check the forecast or examine the sky for any ominous looking clouds that might cause a downpour when you’re half way through a 20 mile out and back!

4. Avoid areas of flooding! Tow paths, woodland and parks with large ponds can be a nightmare to navigate when we’ve had a good amount of rain, and your run can quickly turn into a swim. Some of us love sloshing up to our ankles in a good puddle, but if you don’t, stick to routes with harder packed trails.

5. If you can’t stand wet feet, consider waterproof shoes or socks. These can be the difference between a great run and a miserable one, especially if you’re out for hours. If you want to go a step further, wear gaiters to keep the rain and other muddy bits from entering your shoes!

On the flip side, here are some darn good reasons to why you should brave the not-so-fair weather

 You have no idea what the conditions will be like on race day – training in the rain and wind will prepare you for anything! Encouraging yourself to head out the door on a gloomy day does wonders for your mental strength, and toughens you up for whatever race day has to throw at you!
2. It’s fun! There’s a reason why kids love splashing in puddles, and believe it or not, it can make for such a fun time as an adult too! There are even races out there where getting as wet and muddy as possible is the point. It’s also super fun with friends (especially if you need an arm to grab on a particularly slippy path or someone to take a picture of your whole back caked in dirt).
3. There’s no comfortable without the uncomfortable. That feeling when you get home soaking wet and tired from a rainy run is like no other. Peeling yourself away from the beckoning warmth of a cosy sofa and getting out the door rarely comes with regrets. It only makes that post-run shower and lie-down feel all the more sweeter.

4. The sound, smell and sight of rain can be mega therapeutic. It’s also an act of nature and many of us trail runners love nothing more than being at one with the elements. It freshens the air, brings rainbows, provides melodic background sound, and even softens your skin and hair!

So, the next time you’ve got a run on the agenda but the clouds are looking cheeky, grab your
waterproof, head outside, and enjoy every single soaking moment.